The RWCN forums have closed, but please join us in our Facebook group. You'll find many of the same members, a welcoming atmosphere, and a lively exchange of photos, finds, and research. To join the group, click here, answer a couple of questions, and you'll be added to the group by one of the moderators. We look forward to seeing you!

Note: The Facebook group has a strictly enforced rule not allowing sales.

The RWCN's IDwiki has just been uploaded to this site for the public's free use: http://restaurantwarecollectors.com/RWCN-IDwiki.

The content of the RWCN's IDwiki also is for sale on thumb drive. It includes the following information:

  • Pattern index including several thousand IDs (with photos) for hotels, restaurants and other venues, listed by both name and by manufacturers;
  • Date codes (when known) for 20 American manufacturers (plus Bauscher);
  • Backstamp examples for Buffalo, Jackson, Mayer, Shenango, and Syracuse;
  • The book, "Jackson China," by James Strano; and
  • Copies of vintage catalogs for seven American manufacturers.

To purchase a copy, click here: IDwiki (at Carr China website store).