In Memoriam



Gone but certainly not forgotten are some beloved RWCN members. While we were mostly virtual friends, our shared love of restaurant ware and ferreting out some obscure ID's kept us close. Their camaraderie will be missed.



Richard "Dick" Bond - dbstoneware - Our Maine Man and lead IDwiki editor

Lester Silva - camtoy - Huge collector of many fabulous pieces of RW

Bernice Kolier- bmgypsy - a wickedly wonderful sense of humor and excellent researcher

William "Bill" Welch - dinerwilly - funny and warm and loved to share his knowledge and collection

Joseph "Joe" White - phonecochina - He LOVED phone company china and had an extensive collection

Tina Allen - 3shihtzus - a great friend and top notch RW/collectibles hunter

Daniel Krummes - matsonline - Expert and author of Dining on Inland Seas, one of THE best resources for Great Lakes shipping china

Bill Stoetzel - itsagas - A kind gentle man, always upbeat. He had a wealth of knowledge that he so willingly shared

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