The following restaurants with Lunch in their names were first compiled by the RWCN's Martha (kokopop) in 2002.

Since then members have found even more lunch restaurants and those have been added to this list. Those with entries in the IDwiki have links.

The lunch restaurants were a clear artifact of the first half of the 20th century, where business people could get a quick, filling meal on their lunch break. We haven't found any past 1959, not surprisingly about the time that fast food restaurants began taking over, and very few earlier than 1920.

Click here for an essay about lunch restaurants and why they were called "one-arm joints."

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Question: There were many, many restaurants with "dairy lunch" in their title. A common term among observant Jews who keep a Kosher house is a "dairy lunch," which in their context seems to mean no meat, no poultry, no shellfish, but milk products, fish and eggs are all right. This seems to be the easiest way in a group situation among Jews to separate meat and dairy at a communal meal. Were most of the dairy lunches started by Jewish immigrants? From looking at dairy lunch ads, it doesn't seem to have taken too long for them to adopt regular diner menus. Talk amongst yourselves.

Alco Lunch
Alpha Lunch
American Dairy Lunch, Edmonton, CA      1913-1955
Angelo's Lunch
Armstrong's Dairy Lunch, Fargo, ND
Atlantic Lunch

B & H Dairy Lunch (Second Avenue, East      Village, NYC)
Baldwin Lunch
Baltimore Dairy Lunch
Baltimore Lunch
Bay State Lunch
Belknap Dairy Lunch, Moorhead City, MN,
      ~ 1915
Ben's Lunch
Berkshire Lunch
Bickford's Lunch System
Bijou Dairy Lunch, Parkersburg, WV (est.      1909 by Xenophon Fochalis)
Blackwelder's Barbeque Lunch
Boley's Baker Dairy Lunch Milk Bar,     Ontario, CA 1940-64
Boston Dairy Lunch, Duluth, MN
Boston Lunch
Bowles Lunch 2
Bowles' Lunch 3
Bowles Lunch
Broadway Dairy Lunch, Fargo, ND
Brownie's Lunch
Bungalow Lunch Systems

C and M Lunch
Capital City Lunch
Chief Lunch
Child's Unique Dairy Lunch, NYC
Cole's Dairy Lunch (Burlington, NC)
Colonial Lunch
Coney Island Lunch
Corner Lunch
Court Street Dairy Lunch (Salem, OR)
Crane Lunch
Crescent Dairy Lunch Parkersburg, WV      (est. 1909 by Xenophon Fochalis)
Crystal Dairy Lunch (56 Patton Ave.,      Asheville, NC)
Custer Hiway Lunch

Dairy Lunch, The (one of many, I'm sure,      located pre-1941, Ames, Iowa)
Day & Night Lunch, Inc.
Demonet's Lunch
Dew Drop Inn Lunch Co.
Dutch Gap Lunch

Eagle Lunch, East Radford, VA ~1925
Economy Dairy Lunch, 818 W. 6th St., Los      Angeles, CA
Elite Lunch
Empire Lunch

Famous Hot Wiener Lunch
Famous Texas Lunch
Feek Dairy Lunch
Fenway Lunch
Fifth Avenue Fountain Lunch
Fort Henry Dairy Lunch
Fourteenth Street Lunch
Foster's Lunch System
Fowler's Dairy Lunch (Uintah, UT)
Foxwell's Dairy Lunch Rooms, Baltimore
Frank's Lunch

Globe Dairy Lunch, Los Angeles, several      locations
Guernsey Dairy Lunch

Hart's Lunch
Hayes Bickford's Lunch System
Henry and Frank's Dairy Lunch
Home Dairy Lunch (NYC ~1880)
Home Lunch
Hub's Dairy Lunch
Hudson Lunch
Hudson Quick Service Lunch
Huntt's Dairy Lunch
Hurlburt's Dairy Lunch, Denver

Ideal Dairy Lunch
Ideal Dairy Lunch 2
Imperial Dairy Lunch

Jersey Lunch
Jones Lunch
Julius Dairy Lunch, Venice/Ocean Park,      CA, ~1907-36

K&L Dairy Lunch, Jamestown, ND ~1918
Karnazes Lunch
Kewpee Lunch
Kupie Lunch

Landers Lunch
Laughner's Dairy Lunch, opened 1900,      Indiana
Linton's Lunch
Little Kastle Lunch
Little Palace Lunch
Logan's Dairy Lunch, Grand Forks, ND,      ~1909
Longley's Lunch
Louis' Lunch

Mac's Lunch
Mae's Cozy Lunch
Majestic Lunch
Marquis Lunch
Marshall's White Lunch
Maryland Dairy Lunch Co.
Massasoit Lunch
Mercantile Lunch Co.
Messinger's Merchants Lunch Rooms
Midget Lunch
Midtown Dairy Lunch
Moskos Lunch
Murray's Lunch Limited

National Dairy Lunch (W.E. Brobst)
Neal's Dairy Lunch
New England Dairy Lunch, 1911, started      by Harry Luby, Springfield, MO
New Hudson Lunch
Niagara Dairy Lunch, ~1916, Niagara      Falls, CA
North Eastern Lunch
Northwestern Lunch

Old Homestead Dairy Lunch, Knoxville, TN      ~1903-17
Opera Lunch
Oxford Dairy Lunch, Denver, CO

Parr's Dairy Lunch, Portland, OR ~1970s
Paul's Lunch
Petrakos Lunch
Phelps Lunch
Philadelphia Quick Lunch
Phillips Lunch Co.
Pioneer Dairy Lunch
Pittsburgh Lunch
Plymouth Lunch
Presto Lunch
Prochnow's Dairy Lunch (104 E. Huron,      Ann Arbor, MI)
Puritan Dairy Lunch, Venice/Ocean Park,      CA, ~1907-36
Puritan Lunch

Richmond Lunch (W.M.Burt)
Royal Dairy Lunch (Boston)

Sanitary Lunch
Savoy Lunch
Schwan's Dairy Lunch, Marshall, MN      1950s
Seros Lunch
Shire City Lunch
Silvers Lunch
Silvers Lunch Stores
Snow White Dairy Lunch
Sooner Dairy Lunch (Norman, OK)
Star Lunch
Star Dairy Lunch, San Francisco ~1970s
Stouffer's Lunch Counter
Strand Lunch, The

Trade Lunch
Travelers Lunch
Triangle Lunch (Uintah, UT ~1928?)
Tribe Dairy Lunch (Los Angeles)
Twentieth Century Lunch

Uneeda Dairy Lunch, Houston St, San      Antonio, ~1908
University Lunch
Unruh's Luncheon

Virginia Dairy Lunch

Waldorf Lunch
Walton's Lunch
Walton's Lunch 2
Walt's Dairy Lunch, New Alexandria, PA
Washington Lunch
Washington Dairy Lunch
Weinand's Lunch
White Lunch System
White Lunch System 2
Winthrop Lunch

XXth Century Lunch

Yale Dairy Lunch, 1920s, High and Chapel streets, New Haven, CT
Yearley's Lunch

Zeppelin Lunch

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