La Salle Hotel 3

Manufacturer: Maddock Pottery Co.
User: La Salle Hotel
Pattern No: 5079
Distributor of Service Plate: Albert Pick & Company, Chicago
Distributor of Plate: Marshall Field & Co., Chicago
Date of Service Plate: 1918 - 1924
Date of Plate: 1928 - 1939
Notes: This 22-story, 1000-room hotel was located at 10 North LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois. It opened its doors in 1909 and became famous for its cuisine in the Blue Fountain Room, the Dutch Room, the Lotus Room, and its coved ceiling in the Louis XVI Dining Room. The La Salle was also the hotel at the Chicago terminal of the Rock Island and New York Central railroads.

Cited as early as 1927 for not meeting fire codes, the inevitable happened on June 5, 1946, when someone tossed a cigarette in the bottom of elevator shaft number 5; the ensuing conflagration killed 61 men, women and children (see Life Magazine June 17, 1946). The hotel was quickly rebuilt, but it closed in July 1976 and was imploded soon thereafter.

Lamberton China white body with the full color Viking style rim featuring brown ships, blue-green water, pale green "clouds" and a center grey imperial eagle with color shields and a brick red line around the plate verge.

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Maddock / Scammell Pattern Sample Book excerpt, noting use in La Salle's German Room

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