Horn & Hardart 3

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Horn & Hardart Co., Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey
Pattern: St. Elmo
Date: 1920s
Notes: Even though there are several other nearly identical (to each other) stock patterns that have been backstamped as belonging to Horn & Hardart, the St. Elmo stock pattern is clearly in use on page 53 of "The Automat." Click here to view a Horn & Hardart coffee can featuring a St. Elmo cup and saucer receiving coffee from a dolphin-head dispenser.

However, no piece of St. Elmo has ever been found to be backstamped by Horn & Hardart or documented as having been used there. It is possible that the ad agency simply picked up a piece of St. Elmo to use for photos, or it may be that it was ordered for the automat, but without backstamp -- which seems atypical of the way H&H conducted its business.

White body with dark green leaf and medallion swag design beneath ornate double-handled urns.

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