Colorido Lamelle

Manufacturer: Buffalo China
Pattern/Body: Colorido Lamelle
Date: 1930s
Notes: Lamelle is French for laminated. On March 15, 1932, Buffalo Pottery was granted US Patent 1849272 for this ceramic-making process in which two or more layers of clay are used to form the appearance of an inlay. Lamelle pieces are most often two color combinations with a black pin line inner-rim border –usually white or ivory with another laminated color. The laminated colors include rose-beige (Rouge Lamelle), periwinkle blue (Lune Lamelle), "Olde Parchment" yellow (Colorido Lamelle), beige (Cafe Au Lait Lamelle) and ivory (Ivory Lamelle).

For other Buffalo Lamelle colors:
Rouge Lamelle
Lune Lamelle
Cafe Au Lait Lamelle

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"Olde Parchment" yellow, Colorido Lamelle with burgundy
verge pin line and white center.

Colorido Lamelle to the extreme with burgundy red design
on border, burgundy red line on verge and Art Deco gazelle
and pine or fir tree design in the well of the plate.

Classic Colorido plate photo contributed by eBay seller ressao
Embellished platter photo contributed by Susan Phillips

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