HalfMoon Hotel

Manufacturer: Shenango China
User: Halfmoon Hotel
Distributor: L. Barth & Co. Inc., New York
Date: 1912 - 1920s
Notes: The Half Moon Hotel in Coney Island, N.Y., was a 225-foot-tall, 14-story hotel that opened in 1927 on the Boardwalk at West 29th Street. It is best known as the location where Abe Reles, informant for the FBI who brought down numerous members of Murder Inc., "fell" to his death on Nov. 12, 1941, a few hours before he was scheduled to testify against Albert Anastasia.

The name "Half Moon" refers to the name of explorer Henry Hudson's ship, which anchored off Gravesend Bay in Brooklyn -- the location of Coney Island -- on its way to finding a shortcut to Asia.

In the late 1940s, The Half Moon Hotel was a maternity hospital called Harbor Hospital and in the 1970s, it was a home for senior citizens. The hotel was demolished in 1995. (Source: Wikipedia)

White body featuring a sailing ship adrift on a calm sea against a pale blue horizon. Topmarked "THE HALF MOON" beneath the ship, above an olive green line border.

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