Rodeo 2

Manufacturer: Shenango China
Pattern: Rodeo
Date of 9.5" plate: 1964
Date of 7" plate: 1967
Notes: Shenango China acquired Wallace China in 1959 as a subsidiary and even produced Shenango wares at the Wallace China factory until it was liquidated in 1964.

There are known Wallace China Westward Ho pieces with Shenango China backstamps. There are also Shenango China pieces with adaptations of Wallace China's Westward Ho designs, produced after the Wallace liquidation, including this Shenango China Rodeo pattern on a white body.

Below is a Shenango 9.5" plate with a center design originally used on Wallace's 10.5" plate and a branding iron marks/lariat border originally used on Wallace's 9" plate. This center design and the border are not found in the Wallace China Westward Ho line in the same combination as shown here.

Below is a Shenango 7" Rodeo plate that is ever-so-slightly smaller than Wallace China's Rodeo plate, with the same border and center design on a white body.

White body with the branding iron marks/lariat border in brown. Center transfer design of a cowboy riding a bucking horse in rust and brown with green and yellow accents.

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