American President Lines 2

Manufacturer: Walker China
User: American President Lines
Pattern: Eagle
Date: 1953
Notes: The Pacific Mail Steamship Co. (1848 - 1925) was purchased by The Dollar Line (1900 - 1938) in 1925. The Dollar Line was taken over by the U. S. Maritime Commission in 1938 and renamed APL - The American President Line - and the eagle became the APL logo. Designed to resemble the flag belonging to the Office of President of the United States, the first APL house flag featured a red eagle and four stars. "Ever since, APL vessels have been easily recognized by an august assemblage of eagles."

APL offered transpacific ocean liner service until 1972 and operated freighters (with a 12 passenger limit) to the Orient, as well as container ships.

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A stylized right-facing red eagle intersects two red lines and a broader gray band between the red lines. This pattern design was also produced by Wellsville China.

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