Delmonico Hotel

Manufacturer: Heinrich & Co., Selb, Bavaria
User: Delmonico Hotel
Date: 1929
Notes: From the Wikipedia, the Delmonico Hotel is located on Park Avenue and 59th Street in New York City. The 32-story, 500-room hotel was designed by Goldner & Goldner. It opened as the Viceroy Hotel and shortly after became the Cromwell Arms. The hotel became the Delmonico Hotel circa 1928.

Over the years, the hotel went from hotel use, to rental, to co-op, and back to hotel use. By 1965 the name was changed slightly to become Delmonico's Hotel. However, the hotel was not associated with the popular Delmonico's family of restaurants.

The Delmonico was sold in 2002 to Donald Trump for $115 million. It was converted to 120 luxury condos and eight penthouses and opened in 2004 as Trump Park Avenue. As of 2012, the most expensive property in the building was on sale for $40 million.

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