Harvard University Lowell House

Manufacturer: Shenango China
User: Harvard University Lowell House
Date: est. 1930s-1948
Notes: Lowell House is one of the twelve undergraduate residential houses at Harvard University for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Named for the prominent Lowell family, it was built in 1930. One of the more distinctive features of Lowell House is the presence of a set of Russian bells in a tower above the House, one of only a handful of complete sets of pre-revolutionary Russian bells left in the world. Although there were 18 bells, only 17 are in the House today; the 18th hangs in the tower of Harvard Business School's Baker Library.

Although this creamer is not backstamped, other examples of this pattern were made by Shenango, 1930s-1948.

Tan body with red/maroon shield with hand clutching arrows with blunted tips.

For related information: http://lowell.harvard.edu/

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