Tygart Dam Dedication

Manufacturer: Carr China
User: Tygart Dam Dedication
Date: 1936
Notes: The Tygart River Reservoir Dam in Grafton, W.V., was dedicated in 1936, and these plates were available at the dedication. The dam is located about a mile upstream from the pottery's location, and it prevented flooding at the pottery. The reservoir is a popular boating, camping and recreation area.

Plates were made in both white and tan bodies and the plate colors came in black, blue (two shades), green (two shades), red and rose (a light red), and multicolor.

The design has a border with flourishes and a central scene that depicts the dam and river surrounded by trees and a wooded landscape.

Above, ashtray and rare compote

Above, rare multicolored version, photo courtesy of Leslie Flesher

Above, black on white body, 10 3/16" plate with dark red ruffled edge

Above, black on tan body, 8 3/16" plate

Above, deep blue on white body, 8 3/16" plate

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