Hershey Industrial School

Manufacturer: McNicol China
User: Hershey Industrial School
Date: 1930s - pre-1951
Notes: The Hershey Industrial School was established in 1909 by Milton Hershey and his wife Catherine to assist orphaned boys. In 1918, Milton Hershey put the Hershey Foods stock he held, at that time worth $60 million, into a perpetual trust for the Hershey Industrial School.

In 1951, the name was changed to the Milton Hershey School.

The mission of the MHS today, is to nurture and educate children in financial and social need in keeping with Milton and Catherine Hershey's Deed of Trust. Milton Hershey School is the largest residential pre-K through 12 school in the U.S. MHS provides free education, career training, housing clothing, sustenance, health care, and counseling to over 1,100 racially and ethnically diverse boys and girls who are in financial and social need.

Source: http://www.miltonhershey.com/

Tan Roloc body with brown intertwined HIS.

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