Silver Castle System

Manufacturer: Iroquois China
User: Silver Castle System
Date: 1942
Notes: According to Architectural Historian David S. Gebhard, "The Silver Castle system was established in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1936, and by 1941 units had been built throughout Oklahoma and parts of Texas." (Source: A Guide to the Architecture of Minnesota by David Gebhard & Tom Martinson, University of Minnesota Press, 1977). Architect Ora Overholzer designed the Silver Castle System restaurant buildings in Tulsa, OK in the Streamline Moderne style — an Art Deco architectural style that emphasized simple curved forms and long horizontal lines.

The Silver Castle System is often identified with other hamburger chains — including the Blue Castle, White Clock, White Hut, Blue Tower and Red Beacon — has having imitated the successful White Castle restaurant chain. At its pinnacle, the Silver Castle System chain had nine locations in Tulsa: 15th & Peoria, Admiral & Lewis, 6th & Main, 113 E. 10th, 11th & Indianapolis, 3rd & Denver, 5600 E. 11th, 2341 S. Quannah, 3240 E. Admiral Place.

IRO-TAN body with dark brown Art Deco border, topmarked with the image of a Silver Castle System building.

Photos contributed by mojavegirl

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