Amherst College

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Amherst College
Date of plate: 1927 - 1950s
Notes: Amherst College was founded in 1821 as a college for men. The institution was named after the town of Amherst which had been named after Baron Jeffrey Amherst, a British army officer sent to America to lead the Louisburg campaign during the French and Indian Wars. Alpha Delta House, the first fraternity house in the United States, was built there in 1875, and in 1974 this liberal arts college became coed. The poet Robert Frost taught there on and off for 40 years.

This particular pattern was used for a number of years until it was deemed politically incorrect and removed from service.

Ivory body with purple scene around the rim with Revolutionary War soldiers on horseback chasing Native Americans through the pine trees.

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