Deauville Hotel

Manufacturer: Homer Laughlin China
User: The Deauville Hotel
Date: 1966
Notes: In 1962, the Deauville Hotel in Atlantic City replaced the former Chelsea Hotel which had existed previously since 1899.”The Deauville had several name changes including Deauville Hotel-Motel; the Deauville East and the Deauville West; as well as Deauville-Sheraton Hotel and Motor Inn. It was imploded sometime in the very early 1980s.

The Chelsea Hotel and the early Deauville Hotel occupied the east side of Brighton Avenue and the Boardwalk, known as 2909 Boardwalk.” Somewhere along the way they bought the property on the other side of Brighton Avenue known as 3001 Boardwalk, resulting in the Deauville East and Deauville West.

The oceanfront hotel offered 226 rooms with free TV, hi-fi, refrigerators and air conditioning, starting at just $10 a night, single European plan. There was an ice skating rink as well as outdoor-indoor swimming pool plus a cocktail lounge and coffee house. Information Courtesy of the Atlantic City Historical Museum, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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