Rienzi Cafe

Manufacturer: Bauscher Brothers
User: Rienzi Cafe
Distributor: Illinois Agency Albert: Debicke, Chicago
Date: 1901
Notes: The Rienzi Cafe was located at Clark Street and Diversey Boulevard in Chicago, Ill. Emil Gasch was the proprietor. The cafe was open from 1901 to at least 1916, according to a news report about a death at the restaurant printed in the July 13, 1916, issue of the Logansport Pharos-Tribune.

And an ad (see below) was found in the Sept. 25, 1920, edition of the Chicago Eagle for The Prima Gardens, operated by the Rienzi Co. at 626 Diversey Parkway at the corner of Broadway and Clark streets. Managing directors were Fred Kuehl and A.F. Bruchman at that time.

The creamer has a blue line on the rim surrounded by black lines. It is decorated with a black line drawing of a fairy with what look like butterfly wings, surrounded by flowers and the words RIENZI CAFÉ.

Click here and here to see postcards of the café.

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