Manufacturer: Royal Doulton
User: British Airways
Pattern: Concorde
Date: Circa 1975 - 1985
Notes: British Airways was founded in 1974 with the merger of BOAC (British Overseas Airway Corporation) and BEA (British European Airways) and two smaller airlines.

First flown in 1969, the supersonic Concorde entered service in 1976 and continued commercial flights for 27 years with both British Airways and Air France. The plane, powered by Rolls Royce engines, could travel at speeds over 1300 mph.

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Heathrow by Royal Doulton
Coat of Arms by Royal Doulton

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White body, repeating image of stylized airplane body or "droop nose" in gold outlined in black on a blue band, coin gold accent line. The first pattern used on the Concorde.

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