Bigelow Hotel/Ben Lomond Hotel

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Bigelow Hotel / Ben Lomond Hotel
Rim Pattern: Mistic
Date: 1925
Notes: This 12-story, 350-room hotel is located at 25th Street and Washington Blvd in Ogden, Utah and opened in 1926. It gained attention when it hosted the 1928 Democratic Convention. It has achieved and held the distinction of being the largest hotel in Ogden from the time of its construction. In 1933, Marriner Eccles acquired the hotel and renamed it the Ben Lomond Hotel; it remained a function hotel for more than 40 years. Radisson bought it in the 1980s and refurbished it. Currently the guest room section is under renovation as part of a conversion to a combination hotel suite and condo complex.

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