Canton Grill

Manufacturer: Carr China
User: Canton Grill
Pattern: Onion
Date: 1940s - 1950s
Notes: The Canton Grill located at 2610 S.E. 82nd in Portland, Oregon, opened in 1944 and celebrated its 64th anniversary at the same location in August 2008. Click here for the restaurant's website.

Here's a 2006 restaurant review: "I would like to add the Canton Grill as one of the best Chinese restaurants around. They have been in business for 51 years and they are the absolute best. They are famous for their deep-fried shrimp. My parents went there when they opened, my family goes there, now my children. We recommend it to friends, and guess what they now go there. Word of mouth is a great advertisement - because they deliver what you tell."

Glo-Tan body with a floral center pattern design, an inner border design of petals & leaves, and an outer border with small flowers & large onions in shades of Crimson red. Topmarked "Canton Grill" in Crimson red.

White body butter pat shown below in the Crimson red Onion pattern,
topmarked "Canton Grill" – likely manufactured by Carr China.

No bottom stamp. White body, red lettering.

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