St. Elmo

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
Pattern: St. Elmo
Date: 1920s
Notes: This stock pattern was part of the Syracuse China 23000 Series, available in 14 colors through at least April 1948.

St. Elmo was a popular pattern that was used by many different establishments, but unless the pattern was backstamped or topmarked for a particular customer, it is impossible to tell that it was used there.

An interesting case in point would be the Horn & Hardart automats. Their coffee can featured a St. Elmo cup, but no piece of St. Elmo has ever been documented as having been used by a Horn & Hardart. It might have just been used as a prop the day the can was being designed.

However, the St. Elmo pattern was topmarked on pieces used by other venues, including the U-Eat-A-Lunch restaurant and the Pines Hotel (see links below).

Click here to view the St. Elmo US Patent D43976 issued on May 6, 1913 to inventor John T. Wigley, assignor to the Onondaga Pottery Company.

White body featuring a dark green leaf and medallion swag design beneath ornate double-handled urns.

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