John's Rendezvous

Manufacturer: Buffalo China
User: John's Rendezvous
Pattern/Body: Rouge Lamelle
Date: 1930s
Notes: John's Rendezvous, "Club Restaurant de Luxe," located at 50 Osgood Place was a well-known Italian restaurant in San Francisco's North Beach from circa 1930 to circa 1954. It was owned by John Sobrato, who immigrated from Italy when he was 16.

A reference was found to one of its cocktails, The Pink Nightie, which would tie in nicely with the china color. From Sobrato's obituary: "Famed for fine foods, the place drew thousands of patrons, including film figures and industrial greats."

Pink Rouge Lamelle body, black stripe, John's Rendezvous in black script.

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Rouge Lamelle by Buffalo China

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