Goo Goo Restaurant

Manufacturer: Walker China
User: Goo-Goo Restaurant and Drive-In
Date: circa 1940s - 1950s
Notes: The name Goo-Goo was coined by Radio Comedian Joe Penner and later copyrighted in 1940 by James Albert Snipes, the owner of the Goo-Goo Restaurant & Drive-In, located at 700 Linwood Blvd, Columbus, GA. The restaurant, which also had a "Dine-A-Port for those wishing to enjoy dining in their car," burned down in circa 1960s according to The Way We Woofed.

Tan Toltec body with a black, dark orange and light orange triple-line border. Topmarked with the trademarked Goo-Goo duck in orange.

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