King Pin

Manufacturer: Mayer China
Pattern name: King Pin / Arbor
Dates: unknown
Note: An early undated Mayer catalog first lists this pattern as King Pin, as shown below. A later 1955 catalog lists this as Arbor. It is not know when or why the name change occurred.

The Arbor name was given to an RWCN member by a former employee of Mayer China. Known colors are red (shown), blue, green and black (rare - also shown), and the new addition here, pink and black.

An interesting but unsubstantiated story goes that this pattern was originally designed for use in a mental institution where the patients served each other and they wanted a pattern that wouldn't show fingerprints.

Chintz-like pattern of leaves and flowers, found on white, ivory and tan (Mayan Ware) bodies.

See Page 11 for King Pin:
See Page 43 for Arbor: https://www.restaurantwarecollectors...956-lo-res.pdf

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Undated catalog

1964 catalog

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