Bunny's Waffle Shops

Manufacturer: TEPCO
User: Bunny's Waffle Shops
Date: 1931 - 1968
Notes: On June 14th and June 15th, 1935, two different opening ads for the Bunny's Waffle Shop in San Francisco appeared in the Reno Evening Gazette and Nevada State Journal (ads shown below). The bunnies depicted in these two opening ads, however, do not match the suave bunny shown on the TEPCO creamer.

Both ads indicate that the new Bunny's Waffle Shop, "conveniently located at 400 Geary Street [and the] Corner [of] Mason" were owned and operated by William J. Barbash and W. Joseph Bulasky of Reno City, which would explain why the opening ads appeared in Nevada newspapers. Both Barbash and Bulasky were successful Reno businessmen.

By 1945-46, the Bunny's Waffle Shops listing in the Polk’s Crocker Langley San Francisco Directory listed Sol, Joseph and Louis Bulasky at 870 Market for the company office, along with the following shop locations: 400 Geary, 964 Market, 1106 Market and 147 Powell.

The two matchcovers shown below with the same suave rabbit featured on the TEPCO creamer, have different Bunny's Waffle Shops listed: one with three locations and the other with five locations. Yet, the menu shown below lists six shop locations with a cocktail lounge at the Geary Street location. Collectively, the matchcovers and menu reveal that the chain of shops expanded and contracted over time.

Based on local news accounts, Bunny’s Waffle Shops were popular venues in San Francisco from the late 1940s to the early 1950s, but by 1961, the number of Bunny's Waffle Shops had dwindled to two. By 1970, the San Francisco City Information Directory listed the General Offices at 406 Geary with two shop locations as well: 964 Market and 1102 Market.

The date on the "Dinner for Today" insert on this menu is 1945.

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