Manufacturer: Shenango China
User: Astroworld
Date of cup: circa 1969
Date of saucer: circa 1972
Notes: Astroworld was an amusement park located in Houston, Texas, with eight themed areas, each with its own architecture, lighting, music and sound, cast wardrobe, unique shops and cuisine.

In 1975, the Hofheinz family sold Astroworld to the Six Flags Corporation and the park eventually closed on October 30, 2005. The 109-acred park was demolished by Six Flags over the course of the next eight months at a cost of $20 million and the company received $77 million on the sale of the property. Click here to read more information about Astroworld.

White body with a gold rim line border; topmarked "Astroworld" with gold pumpkin-shaped circles on either side.

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Astroworld Children's World by Shenango China

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