Bradford House

Manufacturer: Corning
User: Bradford House
Date: 1960s
Notes: Bradford Houses were the in-store restaurants and lunch counters of the W.T. Grant retail chain, which went out of business in 1976 in what was at the time the second largest bankruptcy in U.S. history. William Thomas Grant's hometown was Bradford, PA and the Bradford name was used for a lot of Grant's store brands. W.T. Grant had begun as a chain of 5 and 10 cent stores later evolving into more general merchandise and larger discount department stores

Most Bradford House restaurants were located in larger Grant's stores in in-line shopping centers, some were located in Grant City discount stores, and some but not all of Grant's lunch counters carried the Bradford House name. The restaurants also included both table service and cafeteria service locations.

White Pyrex body with blue greek key border design, topmarked with the Bradford House logo sign.

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