Toddle House 4

Manufacturer: Shenango China
User: Toddle House
Date: 1956
Notes: Based in Memphis, Tennessee, the Toddle House was founded in 1932 by Frederick C. Smith (the father of FedEx founder Frederick W. Smith). It was a national restaurant chain in the United States specializing in breakfast, open 24/7. Each tiny outlet had the same interior design with a short counter and ten counter stools (no tables). Payment was on the honor system: customers deposited their checks with the correct amount in a box by the door on the way out. Much of their business was take out. During the segregation era, the company also operated a parallel chain of restaurants, known as the Harlem House.

In 1962, the Toddle House was purchased by competitor Dobbs Houses, which owned the Steak 'n Egg Kitchen and allowed the Toddle House chain to decline. Carson Pirie Scott borrowed $108 million in 1980 to purchase Dobbs Houses. In January 1988, Carson Pirie Scott sold both the Steak 'n Egg Kitchen and Toddle House to the Diversified Hospitality Group of Milford, Connecticut. The chain has since been liquidated. (Source: Wikipedia)

Shield logo in maroon and gray reads "Food You Enjoy." Two chefs flank the shield.

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