Yale-New Haven Hospital

Manufacturer: Steelite
User: Yale-New Haven Hospital
Date: 1983-present
Website: http://www.ynhh.org. According to the hospital’s website, the Yale-New Haven Hospital first opened in 1826. It was the first hospital in Connecticut and the fourth voluntary hospital in the nation.

Since the hospital first opened, it has been affiliated with what is now the Yale University School of Medicine. In 1884, the hospital changed its name to New Haven Hospital. In 1917, the Yale School of Medicine and New Haven Hospital signed an agreement that started the beginning of the modern medical center. In 1945, an affiliation with Grace Hospital led to a name change: Grace-New Haven Hospital.

In 1965, the name changed to Yale-New Haven Hospital - as of 2014 still a well-respected teaching hospital with multiple specialty centers.

The white plate has the hospital name in bright blue in two places on the rim, at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

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