Chicago Beach Hotel

Manufacturer: Shenango China
User: Chicago Beach Hotel
Date: circa 1918 - early 1940s
Notes: Located at 51st Street and Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois, this six-story, 450-room (175 with baths) hotel of brick and stone opened in 1890 at a cost of $1 million. Designed by Thomas Starrett, it was just five blocks from the 1893 Exposition. The building featured circular corner towers, a 1,000-foot-columned porch and a pair of circular towers on either side of the front entrance. In 1911 a 12-story, 600-room addition was added that brought the room count to 1,000. With five acres of lawns and gardens, guests enjoyed sailing, bathing, indoor and outdoor golf, tennis, walking, a dancing pavilion, quoits, skating and motion pictures. In early 1943 the hotel became a station hospital for the Army Air Forces Technical Training Command's Chicago Schools and later served as headquarters for the Fifth Army of the United States Armed Forces. The hotel was torn down c. 1970 and replaced with two 36-story apartment buildings.

The hotel suffered the same fate as the Edgewater Beach Hotel (seen elsewhere in this IDwiki) in that Lake Shore Drive was extended which cut it off from its beachfront property.

The exact date relating to the backstamp is not known; however, Restaurant China Volume 2 states that Arthur Schiller and Son did not begin distributing Shenango China until after World War I and states that the hotel became an Army headquarters during World War II. That would date this creamer between 1918 and the early 1940s.

White body, stylized trees and buildings with red banner below reading Chicago Beach Hotel in green.

Chicago Beach Hotel 2

Postcard showing 1911 addition

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