Manufacturer: Maddock Pottery Co.
User: Koch's
Distributor: S.E. Kaufman, Trenton, NJ
Date: circa 1901 – 1911
Notes: Located on the corner of Willow and W. Hanover streets in Trenton, N.J., Koch’s opened its doors on September 30, 1901, advertising that it was "the nearest first class restaurant to the State House." Proprietor William Koch offered specialties such as lobsters served any style, farm raised broiler chicken – 60 cents for a half one on toast, and fresh Mill Pond Oysters. The last ad for the venue in the Trenton Times newspaper dates to April 1905.

White body with a thin green and red stripe border ending in curlicues next to the topmark Koch’s set within green scrolling acanthus leaves.

Distributor Notes: There were two addresses listed in New Jersey for S.E. Kaufman: KAUFMAN S E, crockery; hardware; housekeeping goods; toys; etc, 123-125 S Broad and 35 E Lafayette, h 46 S Clinton av. The two store locations are at opposite ends of a city block fronting E. Lafayette St. between today's New Warren St. and S. Broad (there's a state office building on that site now). The Kauffman store may have been the whole block. It is less than 1/2 mile to the Koch Cafe's location at Hanover and North Willow.

Trenton Times Grand Opening Ad 1901 (left) and 1903 Ad (right)

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