Lamar Hotel - Black Mammy Cafeteria

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Lamar Hotel - Black Mammy Cafeteria
Date: circa 1932
Notes: This piece was used at the Black Mammy Cafeteria in the Lamar Hotel located in Houston, Texas, not to be confused with similiarly named cafeterias, including one located in nearby San Antonio.

Based on an ad excerpt from the 1932 Southwestern College Year Book (see below), the Lamar Hotel, along with its Black Mammy Cafeteria, was one of several Houston interests owned/operated by Jesse H. Jones.

Jones built the Lamar Hotel in 1927 and R. Bruce Carter was General Manager of the hotel from 1929 - 1943. The hotel was demolished in 1983.

White plate with black checkerboard border and central image of an African-American woman with red and white bandanna covering her hair.

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1932 Ad Excerpt from Southwestern College Yearbook

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