Lantern of the White Duck

Manufacturer: Mayer China
User: The Lantern of the White Duck
Distributor: Tilden-Thurber Corp., Providence, RI
Date: circa 1929
Notes: The following references were found for The Lantern of the White Duck: (1) a Lowell Sun news article dated August 20, 1927, which indicated that a roadside inn was destroyed; (2) and restaurant listings in the 1929-1932 North Attleboro & Plainville Massachusetts directories.

From the Aug. 20, 1927 Lowell Sun
Lantern of the White Duck at North Attleboro Destroyed – Seven Have Narrow Escapes
NORTH ATTLEBORO, Aug. 20, (AP) – Fire early today destroyed the Lantern of the White Duck, a big roadside inn, seven people barely escaping. Philip Swartz, 70 year old part owner and an invalid, was carried from the third floor and Joseph Veco, an employee, was forced to leap from a second story window. Four men and one woman, also employees, were also driven out. The loss is set at $60,000."

According to the 1929-1932 North Attleboro & Plainville Massachusetts directories, The Lantern of the White Duck restaurant was located on the corner of So. Washington (Route 1) and Cumberland Avenue in North Attleboro, MA. Samuel and Louis Swartz were the proprietors of the restaurant at the time.

Little is known about the roadside inn that was destroyed and if the restaurant was built after the 1927 fire, and how Philip Swartz was related to the listed restaurant proprietors, Samuel and Louis Swartz.

The restaurant did have a tower and duck weather vane at the top similar to the topmark illustration on the plate, according to Bob Lanpher, North Attleborough Historical Society Trustee. Nancy Campbell, Museum Director of the Falls Fire Barn Museum, also confirmed that the former restaurant location is the entrance way to the Christmas Tree Shop Plaza today (2009).

The Lowell Sun, "Roadside Inn Burns," August 20, 1927
Bob Lanpher, Trustee, North Attleborough Historical Society
Nancy Campbell, Museum Director, Falls Fire Barn Museum

White body with two dark blue border pinstripes. Topmarked with an illustration of the restaurant exterior, featuring a tower and a duck weather vane with the words, "The Lantern of the White Duck" beneath in dark blue.

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