Muehlebach Hotel

Manufacturer: Sterling China
User: Muehlebach Hotel
Date: 1958
Notes: Located at West 12th and Baltimore Streets, Kansas City, Mo., the Muehlebach Hotel opened in 1915 and was host to famous guests over the years, including Harry Truman, Elvis, The Beatles and Babe Ruth. It is known as "Kansas City's Hotel of Presidents." A reported ghost known as “The Blue Lady” has been seen at the hotel from time to time. Described as a blonde in her early 30’s, The Blue Lady has been seen wearing a 1920’s-style blue dress with her hair tucked up into a wide-brimmed hat.

The Marriott Corporation took over in 1996 and spent millions restoring it. The Muehlebach now makes up the historic tower of the Kansas City Marriott Downtown's two towers.

The swags on this border pattern appear to be the hotel's crest, based on marked silver patterns and the entry taken below from a 1918 Hotel Red Book.

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1918 Hotel Red Book Excerpt

Photo contributed by reddygal

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