Big Boy

Manufacturer: Walker China
User: Big Boy
Date: 1960
Notes: The Big Boy chain started in Glendale, California in 1936. Bob Wian opened a restaurant called Bob's Pantry. His policy was the finest quality good and the best service, which is still followed today. The signature double-decker burger, two hamburger patties with a special relish served on a bun sliced in thirds, was created early on and called Big Boy.

Franchises later included Elias Brothers Big Boy, Shoney's and Frisch's. The chain changed hands several times over the years, filed for bankruptcy and was sold to Robert Liggett, Jr. who renamed it Big Boy Restaurants International, with headquarters in Warren, MI. As of 2008, 455 restaurants are franchised in the US and Canada.

Frisch's web site:

White body with wide yellow band border; topmarked off-center right with the Big Boy image caring a hamburger in red.

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