Sisters of Charity of Providence

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Sisters of Charity of Providence
Pattern name: Jubilee
Dater: 1966
Notes: Founded in Montreal in 1843. According to the New Advent website, "its object is to provide for the poor and sick spiritual and temporal relief, to shelter children and the aged, to visit the homes of the poor and the ill, to shelter the infirm and the homeless, to maintain dispensaries for the needy, and to instruct the young."

The Syracuse China plate shown below is in the Jubilee pattern on the Trend shape.

The initials stand for Sisters of Charity Foundation of Providence.

For more info:
Madonna Lily by Syracuse China

The above postcard is Providence Hospital, opened by this group
in 1902. It has been demolished, but it is one example of their
good works and hospitals that they served.

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