Repo Litho 1991 Memories

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
Pattern: Repo Litho 1991 Memories
Date: 1990 & 1991
Notes: Originally manufactured by Syracuse China, these western-themed pieces use the same Wallace China Rodeo pattern design, including the original artist Till Goodan's signature.

US Copyright VA0000419018, issued July 10, 1990 indicates that this pattern design was registered by the company Memories for its Roundup Brands/Till Goodan. This new design registration was an "adaption of design and additional artwork and reproduction of drawing by photolithography on ceramic."

Given the backstamp information it is evident that Syracuse China and Memories were in partnership on these pieces. However, it is unknown if these pieces were produced by Syracuse and then subsequently decorated as overglazed designs by Memories or whether Syracuse commissioned Memories solely for the design and then manufactured the pieces.

Off-white body with adapted lithograph version of Wallace China's Rodeo pattern of a cowboy riding a bucking stallion with a border of branding iron marks and a lariat. The colors on the plate are brown, rust, light green and dark green.

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Date of plate: March 1990 (19-C)

Date of cup: March 1991 (20-C)

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