Xenia Hotel Samos

Manufacturer: Bauscher Brothers
User: Hotel Xenia Samos
Distributor: John Vorres & Co., Athens, Greece
Date: 1960
Notes: Designed by minimalist Greek architect Aris Konstantinides, the Hotel Xenia Samos was built in the early 1960s. The modern 56-room hotel, located at 23 Themistokli, Samos, Greece, had scenic views of the natural sandstone rock towers of Meteroa -- where 14th century Byzantine monastaries continue to "hang between heaven and Earth." The hotel closed in 1990.

A rounded white body toothpick holder, marked on each end with the words "Hotel Xenia Samos" in red, fancy script lettering.

Hotel Xenia Samos 2006
Photos by Angelo Plessas

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