Sr. Chico's

Manufacturer: Santa Anita, Mexico
User/Pattern: Sr. Chico's Restaurant Bar
Date: 1983 - circa 2010
Notes: Sr. Chico's Restaurant was built in 1983 by Chico Perez, in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. It was located on a hillside with an impressive view of the harbor and coastline. According to the Vista Grill website, his brother Alberto took over (at an unspecified date) and changed the restaurant bar, along with its theme and decor into the Vista Grill.

White body with red stripe broken at 12 o'clock by Sr. Chico's circular logo.

Backmark is gray/blue.
Santa Anita is located in Coahuila, Mexico
with offices there and in Mexico City, and
remains in operation as of 2010.

ID and Photos submitted by matthanne1

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