Sonny's Dilly Burger

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Stuart's Drive Inn Restaurants
Date: 1956
Notes : Sonny Stuart owned two drive-in restaurants in Houston, Texas, located at 8001 S. Main and 3401 North Main.

The Dilly Burger was Stuart’s popular version of a double-decker hamburger. He also offered a triple Forever Hamburger. On the flip side of the postcard, shown below, Stuart also advertised “Sea Foods, Fried Chicken, K.C. Steaks and Breakfast.”

The plate has a blue gray rim band with burgundy red line at the verge. In the well is gray airbrushing around a stencil of a chef's toque or hat and below it, in script, Dilly Burger. Inside the toque is Sonny's, also in script, in burgundy red.

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