Baltimore Dairy Lunch

Manufacturer: W.H. Grindley, England
User: Baltimore Dairy Lunch
Pattern: Baltimore
Date: 1920s - early 1940s
Notes: James Arthur Whitcomb founded the Baltimore Dairy Lunch in the 1880s, and by 1921, there were 104 locations in different cities. J.A. Whitcomb also patented the one-arm chair used in his quick lunches -- later used in shorthand, medical and law schools -- though Henry Bowles of Bowles Lunch, who once worked for Whitcomb, claims to have been the first quick lunch to use the one-arm chair in his chain. Click here to view the US Patent issued to J.A. Whitcomb in April 1903 for his one-arm chair design.

James Thurber made reference to a Baltimore Dairy Lunch at Broad and High Streets in Columbus, Ohio and to one in Chicago -- so they weren't just located on the Atlantic Seaboard.

White body with large swag border of green flowers, leaves & bows (first plate shown below). Topmarked in green with a bull (cow) head in a center circle and the words "Baltimore Dairy Lunch - J.A. Whitcomb" around the circle within another ornamental design.

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Unmarked mug with slight pattern variation in comparison to the plate shown below.
For a very similar design see the Scottish Rite Temple by Carr China

Date of plate with border: 1920s - early 1940s

This plate without the border has an incised 1913 backmark with
the backstamp shown below and likely was manufactured by
W.H. Grindley.

Baltimore Dairy Lunch – J.A. Whitcomb, K. Lathom Collection

Baltimore Dairy Lunch at Broadway & Walker in New York City

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