Royal Palace

Manufacturer: Greenwood Pottery
User: Royal Palace Hotel
Distributor: James M. Shaw & Co., New York
Date: 1886 - 1910
Notes: The Royal Palace Hotel was located on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The six-story, 300-room structure was built before 1888 and is listed in the 1894 Hotel Red Book (HRB) as just the Royal Hotel. It is listed as the Royal Palace Hotel & Casino Hotel in the 1911 HRB and operated by the Royal Palace Hotel Co. It is not listed in the 1929 Hotel Red Book.

Small, white body, match stand with striker rings near the top. All decoration is grey-green. Acanthus leaves on the rim and top of the stand, with a crown and ribbons on the stand with The Royal Palace below in the same color.

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