American Hotels Corp. 2

Manufacturer: Scammell China
User: American Hotels Corp.
Date: Beginning 1928
Notes: American Hotels Corporation was founded before 1925. After 1927, the company headquarters was in the Beverly Hotel at 125 E. 50th St. in New York City. By 1939, it had relocated to 570 Lexington Ave. During the 1950s, it operated 38 hotels in the northeastern United States and seven on the West Coast, and at one time had one property in South America and one in the Caribbean. American Hotels operated until at least 1969.

This pattern replaces the original American Hotels floral decal design created by Syracuse China (see link below). Scammell’s head designer Emil Schnepf created this pattern, for which he filed an application for patent on Jan. 7, 1928. The patent was issued later that year, on Sept. 25, 1928.

Sterling China followed Scammell in making this pattern.

The border features large curved rectangular panels containing a spread-winged eagle with shield alternating with a fruit-filled cornucopia design. Between the large panels are small panels containing illustrations of: American Hotels sign board logo, sailing ship, Mt. Vernon, Colonial fireplace, covered wagon, and a Native American.

Service plates feature a multi-color decal version of this design with coin gold rim lines. The center of the well contains custom illustrations specific to the individual hotels where they were used – in the example below, the Daniel Boone Hotel in Charleston, WV.

The rest of this china service pattern is seen in blue transfer, including the china used in the guest bedrooms.

Information Sources:
Patent illustration;
“American News,” the house organ of American Hotels Corp, 1939; and
1950s place mat with locations.

For more info:
American Hotels Corp. by Syracuse
Daniel Boone Hotel by Scammell

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