Grand Pacific Hotel

Manufacturer: J&G Meakin, England
User/Pattern: Grand Pacific Hotel, Fiji
Date: post-WWII — 1963
Notes: Built by the United Steamship Company in 1914 to serve the needs of passengers on transpacific routes, the Grand Pacific Hotel — also known as the GPH — is located on the Victoria Parade sea front in Suva, Fiji. The hotel offered first-class staterooms on its second floor, where guests could step outside on the 15-foot veranda overlooking the harbor and walk around the building. The hotel was built on the landing spot for the original Suva village, called Vu-ni-vesi after the trees nearby. Click here to view vintage postcards from Jane's Grand Pacific Hotel website.

In 1992, the GPH closed, but the Fijian government in a joint-venture capital project purportedly made plans to restore the hotel in 2008. As of 2009, the Grand Pacific Hotel sits in abandon, waiting for restoration.

Source: Grand Pacific Hotel Wikipedia

Golden yellow PASTEL body, topmarked in black with an illustrative view of the Grand Pacific Hotel.

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