Manufacturer: Carr China
Pattern: Onion
Date: 1940s - 1950s
Notes: White body with a floral center pattern design, an inner border design of petals & leaves, and an outer border with small flowers and large onions in shades of Crimson red.

The Carr Onion pattern was produced on both white and Glo-Tan bodies; click here and scroll down the page to see a rare ice cream shell in the Carr Blue Onion pattern.

Other manufacturers, including Syracuse China and Shenango China, produced the Onion pattern as well; see B/G Sandwich Shops 3 by Shenango.

A customized topmarked Carr Onion pattern can be seen here: Canton Grill

In her private notes, Joy Bachman, wife of Wheeler Bachman - the last Carr
president - wrote that the Onion pattern in blue was made for the Mission Inn
in Riverside, California.

Green Onion photo contributed by bsmont
Pink, blue and brown Onion photos contributed by Ed Phillips

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