Boos Bros

Manufacturer: Unknown, England, possibly Grindley
User: Boos Bros
Date: 1920s
Notes: An early Los Angeles, Calif., cafeteria chain started around the beginning of the 20th century, Boos Brothers has been credited with opening the first cafeteria in Los Angeles, having begun promotions for its first cafeteria in 1906.

The four brothers - chef Orlando aka John, butcher/baker Cyrus and Horace and Henry - later opened six more cafeterias on Broadway, Olive and Hill streets in Los Angeles; one on Santa Catalina Island in Southern California; and two cafeterias in San Francisco.

Click here for an interior view of the Boos Bros Cafeteria.

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White body with border of bright yellow, green-stemmed California poppies; topmarked "Boos Bros" in dark green script lettering. Backmarked with UK Registration No. 704577.

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