Berkshire Hotel - Barberry Room

Manufacturer: Scammell China
User: Hotel Berkshire
Date: Circa 1939
Notes: Located at 19 E. 52nd Street in New York City, the Berkshire Hotel in April 1938 was home to the 150-seat Elbow Room, which was designed by Norman Bel-Geddes – a famous designer of the era – and which cost $200,000. But it was not successful. After some alterations and new management, the Elbow Room was reopened as the Barberry Room and became a success, operating into the 1960s.

According to, in 2015, Christie’s auctioned a large seven-foot canvas that was created in March 1960 by Salvador Dali to celebrate a subsequent redecoration of the Barberry Room. “Clad entirely in green and wearing a turban on his head, Salvador Dalí approached the seven-foot tall canvas. The smart, urbane audience, including film stars Joan Crawford and Zsa Zsa Gabor, as well as "What’s My Line?" stalwart panelist Arlene Francis, watched on with eager anticipation.”

This ID is based on a matchbook showing the same design as in the center of the well, which is composed of four deep rust or burgundy "B" silhouettes – two large and two small and forming a cross shape. This coupe shape was used for the 10 ½” and smaller plates. The service plate, not shown, had a full rim of solid color that matched the center motif.

Source: Yodelout!: New York City - The Supper Clubs

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