Lune Lamelle

Manufacturer: Buffalo China
Pattern/Body: Lune Lamelle
Date: 1930s
Notes: Lamelle is French for laminated. On March 15, 1932, Buffalo Pottery was granted US Patent 1849272 for this ceramic-making process in which two or more layers of clay are used to form the appearance of an inlay. Lamelle pieces are most often two color combinations with a black pin line inner-rim border –usually white or ivory with another laminated color. The laminated colors include rose-beige (Rouge Lamelle), periwinkle blue (Lune Lamelle), "Olde Parchment" yellow (Colorido Lamelle), beige (Cafe Au Lait Lamelle) and ivory (Ivory Lamelle).

For topmarked Lune Lamelle pieces:
Biltmore - Los Angeles, CA
Harry Howell Restaurant
Mayflower Hotel - Washington, DC

For other Buffalo Lamelle colors:
Rouge Lamelle
Colorido Lamelle
Cafe Au Lait Lamelle

Photos contributed by eBay seller ressao

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