Ellis Island Commissary Contractor

Manufacturer: Scammell China
User: Ellis Island Commissary Contractor
Pattern Name: Design patent #62,090
Date: 1923
Notes: For most people, Ellis Island was the "Isle of Hope,” but for the unfortunate few who failed the health or legal inspections, it was the "Isle of Tears."

Legal detainees lived in a dormitory room on the third floor for a few days or up to a month before their case would be reviewed in the Hearing Room.

People who were detained for medical reasons were cared for at the island's hospital or kept in quarantine. Eventually, a Board of Special Inquiry would review an individual's medical report and decide whether or not to allow him into the United States.

White Trenton China, black pattern consisting of flower baskets and scrolls set in boxes and repeated around rim.

Fancy: A 1926 photo shows immigrants at Ellis Island dining. 'Notice the variety of foods
on the table, this is a considerable improvement from the earlier days.'
(Photo courtesy of New York Public Library Digital Collection)

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