Toy Town Tavern 3

Manufacturer: Shenango China
User: Toy Town Tavern
Distributor: The Stearnes Co., Chicago
Date: 1933
Notes: The Harvey Toy Town Tavern was a restaurant located on the Enchanted Island at the Century of Progress World's Fair in Chicago 1933-34. The Enchanted Island was five acres of land between the lagoon and lake with a mountain slide, fairy castle, mechanical zoo, miniature railroad, marionette show and theater. There were several restaurants within the Enchanted Isle and the Harvey Company ran the Toy Town Tavern. Click here to see The Children's World Fair excerpt from the Official Guide Book of the Fair 1933.

Shenango pieces used at the Harvey Toy Town Tavern on the Enchanted Island are marked as such. Shenango also produced the Toy Town Tavern pattern bearing the Shenango Native American backstamp only, but one cannot assume that these pieces were used at the fair.

Ivory body with golden yellow line border, featuring colorful animated animal characters. One side shows a female duck wearing a bonnet and carrying an umbrella, while the other side shows a mother bear in her apron washing a bawling bear cub in a wooden washtub.

Shown below is a creamer variation, also distributed by Stearnes, with the same mother bear washing her cub on one side and a rabbit wearing striped knickers, sitting on a wooden stool and reading a book on the other side.

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Creamer Variation with Reading Rabbit
also depicted on this Toy Town Tavern 2 creamer

Original creamer photos contributed by CarolCardona
Creamer variation photos contributed by PLaun

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